A New University Course: “Circular models in Construction”

Institute of Circular Economy (ICE) in partnership with EnEffect, launched an optional course called “Circular models in Construction” at the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy (UASG), Sofia.

The idea of ​​the course brings together a multidisciplinary team of young professionals willing to inspire the future generation of architects, engineers and designers to follow and apply the principles of the circular economy from conceptual design, through design development, construction, and all other phases of a building’s life cycle. The motivation for the course is the shared cause of limiting and reversing the negative effect of the construction industry on the environment.

Circular construction is characterised by the design, operation and repeated reuse of materials and building components in an economically and socially responsible way, contributing to the restoration of the well-being of nature. In this context, the learning material lays its foundation trought basic ecological principles and the world we are all part of, goes through a theoretical part of sustainable and regenerative design and the circular economy, and ends with a technical part including current trends: reuse of building materials, modular design, BIM integration, digital twins, etc.

Come, let’s meet and learn together about the current methods that will guarantee our future.