The word sustainability begs the question what it is that we are actually trying to sustain: an outdated cultural narrative, an unhealthy conception of the relationship between humanity and nature, business as usual in a deeply inequitable world? Rather than simply sustaining a structurally dysfunctional system and worldview, our questioning has to go deeper. -  Daniel Christian Wahl

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, we the modern humans have been gradually destroying our only home. The majority of us are still relying on business as usual, and are not even grasping to full extent the looming crisis our civilization is facing. The aftereffect is that ecosystems are collapsing, climate is in turmoil, and we are living the beginning of a full scale planetary calamity. The question we have to urgently find an answer to is: “Are we going to sit like a frog in boiling water, or will do our best to act consciously and deliberately for the betterment of all life…”

In “Institute for Circular Economy” we believe that we can use inspiration from the natural world, as well as, novel business models and practices as a tool for the revitalization of our planet.

We have to dare to ask deeper questions, we have to look systematically, and we have to do our contribution to the emergence of a new cultural narrative. A narrative that aims to view humanity as integral part of this magnificent web of interdependence we call life.